Bringing balloons and gifts, Ron Jedlinski, retired CEO, Roman, Inc. and former board member of the Sunshine Foundation will be awarding 6 year old Kevin Cox a Dream Come True – a trip to Orlando, Florida for him and his entire family. As a result of this Dream Come True Kevin will gain some welcome relief from his grueling medical treatments.

Diagnosed in April 2010, with Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia (ALL), Kevin and his family, including mom Jessica Cox have faced some very rough times. In her words, “it has been a rough year.” Jessica had to leave her job to care for her child and currently her income is below Federal poverty guidelines. However, she is resolved to see her son through his treatments and has hope for the future.

According to Jessica Cox, Kevin is a great kid, well-behaved and very happy. He loves his oncologist and someday he hopes to grow up and be an oncologist as well. He wants to help other kids just like him. He loves all the Disney characters especially Mickey Mouse, Woody and Lightning McQueen and Jessica knows he will be thrilled to visit Disney World with his mom, grandmother, cousin and brother. This will be the first big vacation that Kevin has ever gone on with his family.

Jessica Cox is so happy that her son’s application was accepted by the Sunshine Foundation and said “I’m so happy for Kevin. I know he is going to be so excited to learn that he will be visiting Orlando in the first week of September.”