Alyssa’s Dream Story

“I just wanted to take a moment to say thank you again. Although it doesn’t come close to doing justice. Alyssa has been through so much and has so much to face. Every trip we have ever taken has been about doctors and hospitals. A lot of the out of state medical expense is not covered so we are buried in debt and have a hard time keeping a roof over our heads, so to give her such an amazing gift and amazing memories…well it just wouldn’t happen. I have never seen her so animated and happy and even though she was hurting she smiled EVERY SINGLE MINUTE! We feel beyond blessed and we thank God for the Sunshine Foundation and all those that contribute. Please let everyone know , you are making such a huge difference to families and you are amazing! The Dream Village was so nice and everything we needed was there .I cant say enough .We are humbled and so grateful and we thank God for you and will continue to.” – Mary Kelly and Alyssa