Benelli’s Dream Trip

Benelli, who had her wish granted thanks to the RunWalkBark4Dreams, had a wonderful time at the Florida theme parks while staying at the Dream Village.

“I just had the best 4 days of my entire life. Your amazing organization provided airfare, a car rental, a stay at your beautiful village, & passes to Disney, Universal, & Legoland. I don’t think my kids could possibly have more fun than they had over those days. I am certain if Benelli could live there, she would. The fact that we could get away to a resort that accommodates my kids (you even had door alarms!!!!) and not have to worry was a blessing in and of itself. Not to mention, our family got to have FUN without thinking about the financial load that a trip to Disney can cost. Thank you for the experience. Thank you for the fun & most of all, thank you for making Benelli’s dreams come true.” – Benelli’s mom

Also, a HUGE shoutout to Orlando Sanford Airport & LV airport’s TSA for being caring & more than accommodating making travel a breeze!