Brian Enjoys a Trip to the Florida Theme Parks.

Brian, diagnosed with severe autism, enjoyed a dream trip to the Florida Theme Parks. He had a fabulous time visiting Animal Kingdom, Hollywood Studios, and Disney!

Thank you from Brian’s Family

“Brian had a wonderful time. We all did! It was great to see his face light up when he got to the different parks, and he finally got to meet all his Disney character friends in person. This experience wasn’t only an amazing experience, but it was helpful for Brian to see and do something he doesn’t normally get to do or has easy access to. Especially now that he’s getting older, these opportunities where he’s in different environments and he has to put into practice how to be patient and wait in line to get on a ride or follow directions when getting on a ride …., it’s pivotal to learn how to be in social settings. This was by far an amazing opportunity that we’re all truly grateful for, and we wanted to thank our donor for providing us the resources to make Brians Dream Come True. We’re incredibly thankful!” Brian’s brother, Daniel

Brian’s Diagnosis

Brian has been diagnosed with severe autism. Autism Spectrum Disorder is defined by the CDC as “a developmental disability caused by differences in the brain.” Autism affects each person differently, and their ability to function can vary significantly. Low-functioning autism is a term used to define children and adults with the most severe form of Autism Spectrum Disorder.


We are very grateful to Adopt a Dream donors and a very generous private donor donating through Schwab Charitable, who made Brian’s dream come true!

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