Janiah’s New iPad and Accessories

Janiah, who was diagnosed with spastic diplegia cerebral palsy, loves using her new iPad and accessories! They’ve given her a fun way to explore her creativity and artistic skills – she has so much fun using them to draw and play around with colors. The 11-year-old also enjoys using them to reinforce what she’s learning at school. She regularly practices spelling words on her iPad, and one of her favorite apps is the educational ABCmouse program.

Thank You from Janiah’s Family

“Janiah is absolutely thrilled with her new iPad and accessories! It has become an invaluable resource for her, greatly enhancing her learning experience. Since receiving the iPad, we’ve noticed a remarkable improvement in her schoolwork, particularly her spelling. She eagerly utilizes it to practice her spelling words every week, resulting in consistently high scores on her tests – often achieving a perfect 100%!” said Stephanie Deose, Janiah’s mom. “This was an incredible dream granted by the Sunshine Foundation. As her parents, we are profoundly grateful for the incredible generosity of your donors and the impact your program has had on bringing such immense joy to her life. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts!”

Janiah’s Diagnosis

Janiah was diagnosed with spastic diplegia cerebral palsy. Cerebral palsy (CP) is a group of neurological conditions that affects muscle control – thereby impacting movement, balance, and posture. It’s a lifelong condition that’s caused by brain damage that happened during fetal development. Spastic CP, which makes the muscles stiff and can lead to uncoordinated movements, is the most common type. Spastic diplegia, in particular, mainly affects the legs; the arms are usually less affected or not impacted at all. People with spastic diplegia CP often have trouble walking because their stiff leg and hip muscles cause their legs to “scissor” (come together, turn in, and cross at the knees).


Thank you to Harris Horwitz Dentistry, Bristol-Myers Squibb, and the Bristol-Myers Squibb Foundation for helping Janiah’s dream come true!

Sunshine Foundation answers the dreams of children, ages three through eighteen, who have severe or profound physical/developmental/intellectual challenges or trauma from physical/sexual abuse, and whose families have limited income. Since 1976, Sunshine Foundation has spread Sunshine into the lives of more than 42,500 children.

11-year-old girl sitting in her wheelchair smiling as she holds her new iPad
11-year-old girl sitting in her wheelchair smiling as she holds her new iPad

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