Justin “Nathan”, age 13, diagnosed with low-functioning autism, is slotted for a special dream “Trip to Myrtle Beach SC. Nathan wants to go to Myrtle Beach because he loves the beach, loves to swim, and enjoys shopping – all of which he can do in Myrtle Beach!

Thanks to Tara Ulrich/Chuck E Cheese Fashion Show and Glory Days Grill in 2019.


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Briella age 7, diagnosed with Down syndrome, loves to run, jump, climb, and explore. A fearless escape-artist, Briella is drawn…
Teen boy enjoying backyard wheelchair swing

Backyard Wheelchair Swing

Cape Atlantic Chapter, Special Dream Stories

Bobby was so excited to have an accessible swing in his own yard!


Corporate Sponsor Stories, Special Dream Stories
Adaptive Bike for Katie! Katherine, age 16, is diagnosed with low-functioning autism and ADHD. Katherine’s special dream was to own…