Marquise Gets a New Big Screen TV

Marquise, diagnosed with microcephaly and low-functioning autism, enjoys playing in the Special Olympics and going to the beach. Marquise is very thankful to Sunshine Foundation donors for his new TV, which he is enjoying very much!

Family Thank You

Marquise loves the TV! He does not make much eye contact and is non-verbal due to autism, but he is a very happy boy and appreciates the generosity of all the donors. Thanks!Jonial, Marquise Mom

Marquise’s Diagnosis

Marquise has microcephaly and low-functioning autism. Low-functioning autism, on the autism spectrum disorder, is a degree of autism marked by difficulties with social communication and interaction, challenging behavior, and differences in social or emotional reciprocity.


Marquise’s dream was answered by the Lashner Family Fund and generous Adopt a Dream donors. Thank you for making Ryle’s dream come true!

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