Dear Sunshine Foundation Family and Friends,

Hoping you are taking good care of you and your loved ones and those most vulnerable at this time. Sunshine Foundation continues to operate with our Staff working from home. Applications are being processed at this time. Understandably, we have suspended scheduling dreams in consideration of the safety and health of our Sunshine Children who live with severe chronic conditions. Should you reach out to us, please understand there could be some considerable lag time for us to reply to messages.

We still do need everyone’s help and support to continue our mission. We are grateful for our Sunshine Family and Friends support over 43 years and at this vulnerable time for all, we ask that you please continue to share our stories on social media and if you can, consider donating, so we can be there to make dreams come true in the future. You are important to us so please adhere to those recommendations from the CDC. Caring thoughts to all.

Kate Sample, President