How to Refer A Child

Note: Anyone may refer a child with the permission of the child’s parent(s) or legal guardian(s).  Please be aware that Sunshine Foundation does have a waiting list that may possibly be several years depending on location and our funding sources. Therefore, if your child appears to meet the criteria, please be sure to submit and complete the referral as soon as possible.

Criteria to Refer a Child

Please be aware Sunshine Foundation does have a waiting list currently estimated at over 7 years from your child’s APPROVAL date.

Criteria To Request A Dream:

  • The child must be between the ages of 3-18 only.
  • The child must be diagnosed with SEVERE or PROFOUND physical, developmental, or intellectual challenges, or trauma from physical/sexual abuse. This is determined by the medical authorization form and supportive medical documents received by the child’s physician.
  • The child must be a United States citizen to qualify for a dream.
  • The family’s household’s income must be under $75,000 annually
  • The child or any other family member must not have had a dream or wish through Sunshine Foundation or any other organization or any other source (NO PREVIOUS WISH).

For additional information on the criteria, you may expand each bullet point on the refer a child page.

Criteria to Refer a Child

Sunshine Foundation is unable to assist with doctor/medical bills or living expenses. We must also work within certain financial limitations and permissible requests. Your child’s medical and/or travel restrictions or other related or unrelated circumstances may also affect the dream we are able to provide.

Once we receive your referral and your request has been approved, we will contact the child’s family with information to complete the application online within a few weeks. **IF YOU ARE NOT THE CHILD’S PARENT/GUARDIAN be sure to provide an email address for the child’s parent/guardian. The Sunshine Foundation application MUST BE COMPLETED BY THE PARENT/LEGAL GUARDIAN.