Refer a Child

  • Referral must be completed by the child’s parent/guardian
  • Step 1 – Complete the form below
  • Step 2 – If your child appears to meet the criteria, you will receive a link to the application within a few weeks 
  • Please be aware that Sunshine Foundation has a waiting list that may be several years, depending on location and our funding sources.


  • NOTE: Sunshine Foundation grants the dream of only ONE child per household. We will reach out to various organizations to ensure a dream/wish or other gift has not already been provided.
  • I confirm our annual household income does not exceed $75,000. Financial documents (1040, SSI, SNAP, etc.) will be required when completing the application.
  • Child's Information

  • As shown on birth certificate
  • Referral will be declined if child is not between the ages of 3-18
  • MM slash DD slash YYYY
  • ALL Diagnoses MUST be SEVERE/PROFOUND (if AUTISM, ONLY LEVEL 3 will qualify). MUST be DOCUMENTED by your child’s physician during the application process.
  • Parent / Guardian Information

    Please enter the contact information for the individual that will be completing the Application.
  • Information of Person Completing this Referral

  • 500 characters or less