Magical Dreams

Most of the children we serve wish to visit the Central Florida theme parks and attractions when asked the simple question: “If you could have one dream, what would it be?” The entire immediate family enjoys a Once-In-A-Lifetime vacation away from their routine of hospitals, therapies, and medical treatments.

Crystal’s Florida Vacation

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Crystal, with epilepsy and autism, had memories that will last a lifetime during her trip to Florida!

Thumbs Up from Seth

Magical Dreams

Seth had a big smile the whole trip and gave a lot of thumbs up! Thank you so much for sending us on his dream trip to Orlando!

Ellie’s Waterpark Adventure

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Ellie was recently granted a dream from the Sunshine Foundation for a Trip to Florida Waterparks.

Young boy with autism enjoys LEGOLAND with family

LEGOLAND Adventure

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Rhett, 6, with low-functioning autism, had a great spring break on his trip to Florida to visit LEGOLAND.

Teen boy with Chiari malformation building a droid at Disney

My Hero’s Dream Come True

Magical Dreams

Aiden, with Chiari malformation, is a huge Star Wars fan and was thrilled to enjoy all the Star Wars activities at Disney during his dream trip to Florida.

Teen boy with Buzz Lightyear at Disney

Brandon’s Disney Dream

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Brandon, with Down syndrome, had his Trip to Florida Dream Come True from Sunshine Foundation!

Trip to Florida for Cora

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Trip to Florida for Cora! “Everything was a marvelous adventure for Cora. She wanted her picture taken with every character…
Girl with cerebral palsy smiling with Goofy from Disney World


Magical Dreams

Ariel, age 7, with cerebral palsy was given a trip of a lifetime! Ariel’s Dream Come True was to go to the Florida theme parks.