Helping Children with Disabilities Since 1976

As a top-rated children’s charity, Sunshine Foundation answers the dreams and wishes of children, ages three through eighteen, who have severe or profound physical/developmental/intellectual challenges or trauma from physical/sexual abuse, and whose families have limited income.

What Makes Us Stand Out


Proudly expensing over 83% of dollars spent directly on Program Services


Years of making Children’s Dreams Come True since 1976


Spreading Sunshine in to the lives of more than 42,500 Children

What Makes Us Different

Sunshine Foundation is a unique children’s charity, as it is the only national wish-granting organization that answers the dreams or wishes of children with life-long chronic illnesses or conditions, including level 3 severe autism and Down syndrome. Unlike other charities that typically turn away children because their diagnosis is not considered life-threatening or critical, Sunshine Foundation is proud to serve these deserving children and their income-limited families.

Why Your Donation Matters

We have an ever-growing list of children who are anxiously awaiting for their dreams and wishes to be fulfilled. You can sponsor any child(ren) on our Adopt-A-Dream waitlist. We need your help to make these dreams come true!

Bren, with spastic cerebral palsy, dreams of an Xbox with accessories.

Eden, with Achondroplasia and Kyphosis, dreams of meeting the princesses at Disney World.

Ari, with level 3 severe autism, dreams of visiting Hollywood Studios.

Clara, with NEXMIF (a genetic disorder), dreams of an Outdoor Play Set.

How Your Support Changes Families

 Through your support, children of diverse abilities can access unique experiences they might not otherwise enjoy. Dreams provide these children with a respite from their challenges, countless therapies, and surgeries, allowing them to simply be kids and create enduring memories of joy.

Brady Experiences “Pure Joy”

Brady, diagnosed with level 3 severe autism, experienced sheer joy and happiness during his dream trip to Disney World and the Sunshine Foundation Dream Village.

Christianna Will Forever Cherish Bringing her Music to Life

Christianna, diagnosed with aniridia and glaucoma, recorded two original songs, “Love You Forever” and “Golden Eyes,” which are on iTunes and Spotify. Publishing her music is an experience she will “cherish forever.”