Casey’s Wonderful Trip to the Disney Parks and Florida Beaches

Casey, with chromosomal abnormality, enjoyed his dream trip to Disney World in Orlando, Florida. They enjoyed the sights at Epcot and the Magical Kingdom and took all the exciting rides they had to offer. After the parks, the family took a day off to relax on the warm beaches and sat on the sand.

Thank you from Casey’s Family

“Casey and our family had a great time on this Florida trip to Disney World. We even went to the beach, and it was amazing. Thank you to the sponsors and Sunshine for granting Casey a dream!” – Casey’s mother, Amy

Casey’s Diagnosis

Casey was born with a chromosomal abnormality, which limits someone’s ability in mental functions and communication skills.


We are incredibly thankful for the  All-Volunteer Hammonton Wishing Well Chapter, Glory Days Grill, and All-Volunteer West Virginia Chapter for pitching in and making Casey’s Magical Dream come true!

Sunshine Foundation answers the dreams of children, ages three through eighteen, who have severe or profound physical/developmental/intellectual challenges or trauma from physical/sexual abuse, and whose families have limited income. Since 1976, Sunshine Foundation has spread Sunshine into the lives of more than 42,500 children.

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