There are so many chronically ill and physically challenged children that dream of going to Disney World. To try to meet these growing requests of these special young people, Sunshine Foundation provides Dreamlifts, a one-day excursion to Disney or other Orlando theme parks. Sunshine charters a plane and takes groups of about 100 special needs children to spend the day in the #1 most requested destinations.

For many of these children they are having two dreams fulfilled: their first time flying and a day at one of Orlando’s theme parks.

Everyone boards the plane in their hometown and just a few hours later they are enjoying a day that will mean tons of fun and exciting memories at that special place! Volunteers come out to lift the children on the plane and share in the excitement!

Since Sunshine Foundation started its Dreamlift program, over 99 chartered planes have taken over 5,000 children to Florida from cities across the United States. This program gives groups of chronically ill, physically challenged and abused children that special day in their favorite place… Universal Studios or Disney World!

You can Adopt A Seat for a special child on an upcoming Dreamlift when you make a $375 donation! Your gift will send this child on a once in a lifetime trip!
Your Adopt A Seat Donation will provide the child with:

Sponsors are invited to see the children off at the airport on the morning of the trip. You can see first hand the smiles you provided!

Learn more about our Dream Programs and how you can request a dream come true for a child.
We rely on your generosity to help make these Childrens’ dreams come true.

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