Emi and Makenzie answer Alizay’s Dream!

10 year old Emi held a bracelet sale to help answer the dream of a child on Sunshine Foundation’s waiting list after she heard about her best friend Makenzie’s Dream. Makenzie is 10 years old with cerebral palsy and received a dream from Sunshine Foundation earlier this year. All Makenzie had ever wanted was to share pictures from her very own trip to Walt Disney World with her friends, and this year that dream came true.

After hearing about what Sunshine Foundation did for her best friend, Emi wanted to help answer the dream of another child so with the help of Makenzie, she held a bracelet sale. She sold homemade bracelets and bows and even some rocks she found on a family trip. Emi even donated $20 of her own money to help answer the dream.

The funds they raised went towards answering 8 year old Alizays’s Dream. Alizay, who has arthrogryposis, will be going to Walt Disney World. Shortly¬†before Alizay would be leaving for her Dream Come True Trip, Makenzie and Emi surprised Alizay with her very own Dream Come True Presentation. They presented her with a box filled with stuffed animals from the Central Florida Theme Parks and told her she would finally be getting her Dream Come True Trip!

Girl, 10 and foundation fulfill Disney dream for young child battling debilitating illness – mlive