Mikey’s Dream Story

Mikey Meets the Pittsburgh Steelers!

Mikey is six years old, is autoimmune diffident, and has severe trachea bronchial malacia, asthma, and severe allergies, which require him to use a nebulizer. He receives IVIG infusions every four weeks, weekly injections of methotrexate, and must take numerous daily medications to manage his diagnosis. He was hospitalized twice during the last school year, but his family says his personality does not let his illness keep him down.

His favorite activity is football. The Steelers are his favorite team because they have a lot of wins and Superbowl championships! Mikey’s dream was to meet the Steelers, a dream that was recently made real. Sunshine Foundation sent Mikey to Pittsburgh to meet his heroes! He was able to meet multiple players. Mikey was lucky enough to attend a practice where he met the team and also attended a game the next night. He says, It was awesome. I had a hard time getting the smile off my face!

Thank you to the Pittsburgh Steelers for making this dream come true and providing tickets for Mikey and his parents. He most definitely will never forget this dream come true!

The Steelers were so generous and gave Mikey a Steelers brand hat, wristbands, gloves, a towel, an autographed football, and a team photo.