Alexandra’s Enchanting Trip to Disney

Alexandra’s radiant spirit has touched the hearts of many. Her dream? To immerse herself in a world of enchantment, laughter, and wonder at Disney World and Universal Studios. But there’s more to Alexandra’s story than meets the eye.

Diagnosed with Down syndrome, Alexandra‘s journey has been one filled with determination, love, and the unshakable support of her family. The dream she held in her heart was to experience the magic of amusement park rides, a joy most of us often take for granted. However, for Alexandra, this dream held a special place in her heart.

Alexandra’s dream was not just a day of fun; it was a day that filled her heart with happiness and left an indelible mark on all who shared in her joy. To the All-Volunteer Ocean City Cape Atlantic Chapter and the generous donor, we offer our heartfelt thanks for their commitment to creating magical moments. Alexandra’s journey reminds us that dreams are worth pursuing, and with a little help and a lot of heart, they can come true.

Thank you from Alexandra’s Family

Alexandra’s mother, Jennifer, could hardly contain her joy as she witnessed her daughter’s sheer delight. Alexandra’s excitement was infectious, and the exclamation of “rides, rides!” filled the air. Unlike other trips where she might long for the comforts of home, this time, Alexandra couldn’t get enough of the adventure.

During her journey, Alexandra also discovered the enchantment of the Game room at the Sunshine Foundation Dream Village. The colorful pictures in the books held a special fascination for her, sparking her imagination and filling her heart with joy.

As Alexandra’s magical dream trip came to an end, Jennifer expressed her gratitude and appreciation, saying, “Alexandra had an amazing dream trip. Thank you all so much for granting Alexandra a dream.”

Alexandra’s Diagnosis

Down syndrome occurs when an extra copy of chromosome 21 exists. The CDC defines Down syndrome as “a condition in which a person has an extra chromosome.  This extra copy changes how the baby’s body and brain develop, which can cause mental and physical challenges for the baby.”


Thanks to the kindness and generosity of the All-Volunteer Ocean City Cape Atlantic Chapter and a generous donor, Alexandra’s dream became a reality. Their generosity and support have not only touched Alexandra’s life but also served as a shining example of the incredible impact one can have by helping others fulfill their dreams.

Sunshine Foundation answers the dreams of children, ages three through eighteen, who have severe or profound physical/developmental/intellectual challenges or trauma from physical/sexual abuse, and whose families have limited income. Since 1976, Sunshine Foundation has spread Sunshine into the lives of more than 42,500 children in need.

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