Brendan Meets BMX Champion, Dave Mirra!

Like most 11 year old boys, Brendan loves sports. Unlike his friends, though, Brendan is diagnosed with Severe Hemophilia, and many times can only watch his friends play – especially when it comes to BMX biking! Brendan’s dream was to ride with his favorite BMX athlete and champion, Dave Mirra! Dave holds the record for the most X Games Gold Medals and is the first rider ever to pull a double back flip in competition! With the help of Wasserman Media Group, Sunshine Foundation was able to reach out to Dave to answer Brendan’s special dream request. Brendan’s mom shared some memories of the trip to Dave’s warehouse in North Carolina:

“Our trip was great! Dave was extremely nice and down to earth. He and Brendan rode bikes for about 1 1/2 hours, showing Brendan the ramps and doing a lot of tricks! Dave even invited 6 other BMX buddies to meet Brendan and ride together. They were great and willing to teach Brendan about riding! Brendan was in his glory! Dave taught Brendan how to ride his bike down a ramp and it took about an hour because Brendan was so nervous, but he finally did it, over and over again! Brendan had a great time and couldn’t be happier – I can’t thank you enough!”

Sunshine Foundation would like to extend our heartfelt thanks to Dave Mirra for his extreme kindness and Wasserman Media Group for helping to coordinate this incredible dream come true for Brendan!