Isaac, age,13, diagnosed with low-functioning autism, loves to play with Legos, stuffed animals, and enjoys being with his family. His dream is to be a scientist someday. Isaac was recently granted a dream for a “shopping spree” by the Sunshine Foundation, which answers the dreams of children living with life-long chronic illnesses, physical challenges, or the trauma of abuse. Since Isaac was scheduled for surgery in December, he decided the perfect dream would be a “shopping spree” so he could buy items to entertain himself with while he recovered!

We would like to thank the Sunshine Foundation and Mid-Atlantic Machinery who helped sponsor Isaac’s dream! Isaac’s grateful mom also expressed her thanks: “We would like to thank the Sunshine Foundation for making Isaac’s dream come true! He really enjoyed his shopping spree and was really excited and happy. Thank you and God Bless everyone who made Isaac’s dream come true!”

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