Jordan’s Dream Story

Jordan’s Dream Comes True…

“Thank you all so much for the most memorable time of our lives! You made each one of us especially Jordan-feel extra special rather than pitied because of his disability, and that was the most magical part of this whole experience. You have given my whole family extraordinary examples of generosity and kindness to take from this experience. Since we have benefited so greatly from receiving, my children now want to experience the feeling you get from giving and it is all because of everyone at the Sunshine Foundation. May God bless each and everyone of you just how he has blessed us with our three incredible children!” – Jordan’s Parents

Jordan is 14 years old and has low-functioning autism. His dream was to visit the Orlando attractions. Jordan and his family stayed in Sunshine’s Dream Village! Special thanks to the All-Volunteer Southern Ocean Chapter for sponsoring Jordan’s dream through the Annual Fishing Tournament!