Keith’s Tablet

Keith’s dream came true when the Sunshine Foundation presented him with a new tablet. Keith has low-functioning autism and the tablet will be an important tool to help the 10-year-old communicate with his family. In addition, Keith received other items for his sensory room.

A word from the family

“Keith is really enjoying all of his sensory items. His favorite is his tablet. It is going to be great for him to be able to communicate with it. He is very happy. Thank you so much for blessing us!” – Carrie, Keith’s mom

Keith’s Autism

Keith has low-functioning autism. Autism Spectrum Disorder is defined by the CDC as “a developmental disability caused by differences in the brain.” Autism affects each person differently and their ability to function can vary significantly. Low functioning autism is a term used to define children and adults with the most severe form of Autism Spectrum Disorder.


The Batchelor Foundation made Keith’s dream possible. The Batchelor Foundation is a private foundation based in Florida. They spread sunshine by grant-making to support children, animals, and the South Florida environment.

Boy smiling using an iPad
Boy standing in new sensory room
Boy smiling using an iPad

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