Kylie, age 10, is diagnosed with Ehlers-Danios syndrome. Her special dream was to go to the beach to collect shells to make stuff with, she’s very creative. She was excited to go swimming; she is a sweet little girl who loves sparkles and has a huge heart for others.

“We want to thank The Sunshine foundation and the generous sponsor Lord’s Church at Lake Henery. Not only did Kylie get her dream of going to the beach, but she got her Ultimate dream of getting to ride a horse on the beach. It was so great not to have appointments. She didn’t feel great with sugar lows but had the best time ever. She said her favorite things were spending time with her family and not at the doctor, Riding the horse on the beach, and getting to ride a Ferry at Jamestown Va. There are no words to express how grateful we are. We will never forget what Ya’ll have done for our family.” -Mom, Delenna

Thanks to Lord’s Church at Lake Henry for helping Kylie with her dream come true!

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