Lucas’ Dream Story

Lucas’ Story of Sunshine Told by His Mom

Lucas was 4 months old, barely 12 lbs when I adopted him. I thank God every day for my wonderful son. Lucas is now 10 years old, 4’6′ and over 80 lbs. And as gorgeous as ever (not that I’m biased in any way!) He’s sweet and loving and despite his multiple disabilities (cerebral palsy, a severe seizure disorder, reflux with Sandifers Syndrome, apraxia and PDD-NOS), he is still a happy-go-lucky- kid. We’ve had some rough times over the years, but always managed to get through them.

Lucas loves Mickey Mouse, who really makes him laugh. He wanted to meet Mickey, but as a single mom with only a teacher’s salary to support a family of four, this was not a request I could fulfill. That’s when God smiled on us and I found out about the Sunshine Foundation, which helps fulfill the dreams of children with severe illnesses or disorders. We tried our luck and we got the trip of a lifetime to Disney World. The expenses were paid for Lucas, his grandparents and me, and I mean expenses such as airfare, car rental, accommodations, food, Disney Theme park tickets and even souvenirs! We went over Mother’s Day Weekend and stayed at the Sunshine Foundation’s Dream Village cottage. Our cottage had a nursery rhymes theme, with 3-D decorations, magic mirrors and even a giant mushroom!

We spent one day at EPCOT and two at the Magic Kingdom. When we visited the Magic Kingdom on our first day, I really don’t know whose smile was the biggest; it was such a thrill for us all. Unfortunately, the elusive Mouse was very much in demand that we had a hard time getting to meet him. It wasn’t until our last night there when we finally got our chance. The look in Lucas’s eyes when he first saw Mickey will be one I’ll remember forever! He was a bit uncertain about what to do and looked to me for guidance.

I have never seen my son look more like a “typical” kid than at that moment..
Fortunately, Mickey Mouse knows sign language too and when Mickey saw me sign to Lucas it was okay to go over, Mickey signed to him as well and that broke the ice-they hugged and everyone cried.

In today’s times, with economic problems everywhere and our own financial and medical difficulties, it was such a great treat to have this dream come true. I have been lucky enough to have had my own dreams realized and I’d like to make other folks aware of the Sunshine Foundation. Perhaps there’s a child out there who has a dream that the organization can fulfill or maybe someone will consider making a donation so they can continue to bring smiles to children’s faces.

God bless.
Celeste and Lucas