My Hero’s Dream Come True

Our guest blogger, Amanda, writes of her son Aiden’s Dream Come True Trip to Florida. Aiden, 14, has Chiari malformation, hydrocephalus, and tibial dysplasia.

“When you look back and evaluate, appreciate, times in your life that meant so much to you, you think about what made it possible. The smile, the laughs, the joy I saw in my sweet boys’ faces are the thoughts that made this possible. The Sunshine Foundation made this possible.

Our sweet Aiden has been through so many obstacles, so many hurdles. He has endured so much pain, strength of character, and physical strengths and defeats that I can only imagine. He is my hero. He deserved, all that he got to experience. All the joy, happiness, relaxation, and family time. He deserved his wish granted by the Sunshine foundation so much.

It was all that [Sunshine Foundation] gives and gave that made this possible. Aiden spent 3 magical days at Disney. He is a Star Wars fanatic and was able to explore, build a Droid and go on “Rise of Resistance”; which was all that he talked about.

Aiden spent 2 days at the beach digging holes in the sand. I never saw him happier, more content, more satisfied. He was so happy, so sweet, so appreciative.

What made it even sweeter, is that Aiden was so excited to see his brother’s emotions and experiences. Aiden is selfless and was so inquisitive and excited to see his little brother, Julian’s reactions to experiences.

Aiden has been through a lot of ups and downs. A lot of successes and failures. A lot of positives and negatives. He has always been positive, always tries hard, and doesn’t seem let down by the medical conditions he has faced or continues to face.

The Sunshine Foundation provided him a light at the end of the tunnel. Something to look forward to. An achievement to all the difficulties he endured.

He faces many things in the future and has achieved many hurdles in the past and all we can say is thank you for the reward. Thank you for the time together as a family. Thank you for the smiles, the laughter, the time spent together, without the care of anything but enjoying each other. It was well deserved, and we appreciate it. Aiden appreciates it.

To all those that made our trip possible, thank you. You brought so much joy, happiness, and reward to my sweet boy. You brought a reward to his hardship, pain, and struggle. Thank you for bringing so many smiles to my Aiden. My gratitude will show in dedication and support for the Sunshine Foundation to grant so many other children their well-deserved wishes in the future. All I can say is you made happiness and smiles possible. Thank you so dearly.” — Amanda, Aiden’s mom

Teen boy with Chiari malformation playing at the beach with younger brother
Teen boy with Chiari malformation with younger brother entering Disney
Teen boy with Chiari malformation building a droid at Disney with his family
Teen boy with Chiari malformation enjoying the Slinky Dog Dash ride at Disney
Teen boy with Chiari malformation just finished riding the Rise of Resistance of Disney
Teen boy with Chiari malformation playing at the beach with younger brother

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