Quenton’s Dolphin Encounter

Quenton’s Dream Told by His Mom…

My family and I have just returned home from an experience of a lifetime! How can I ever say thank you enough, Sunshine Foundation. My son, Quenton is 12 yrs old and has Mitochondrial Myopathy, and Chairi 1 malformation. Quen has been in and out of hospitals for many years now, and is adjusting to the lifestyle changes because of his illness. He is such a great kid, so smart and funny. He loves school, animals, and his video games. Quen has many friends and is the “Go to Guy”, when it comes to video or gaming questions.

As Quen’s mother I love everything about him (of course). He is so brave, and has found ways to be completely content with not being able to run around with his friends, ride a bike, climb lots of stairs, and play sports. We have wanted to do something for Quen for many years, something he would always remember, or that would lead to opening a whole new world to him. To believe, he can be anything he puts his mind to. Be glad that your favorite subjects are science, space and social studies.

Because of the Sunshine Foundation, and all of their supporters, my son was granted a dream. The cottages were just adorable. Very homey. My son was thrilled to walk into the space theme cottage. He was very comfy in his space shuttle for a bed. I would love to share just a few pictures of our trip. Quen has wanted to be a zoologist for the last 5 years now, so he wanted some hands on with Marine creatures. Well he had a wonderful experience with a dolphin encounter, he also got to snorkel with Rays, and tropical fish.

Every thing he had ever dreamed came true in those few days we were there. I saw my son laugh so hard his face hurt, his eyes were filled with wonder and amazement. Quen felt special… he said, “Mom, I don’t feel different, like when I’m at home. I feel special now.”

Please know without the Sunshine Foundation, I may have never seen that look in Quen and his fathers eyes as they played in the water, played putt-putt, and just sat on the couch and played some one on one father- son video games. I will always treasure that memory, and I know that Bryan , my husband feels the same. These dreams build up the children, true. It also builds up the family. Thank you again, and may God Bless you all for what you do for others.