Cypress, TX- November 11, 2011- Nelson Reales-Delgado is 5 years old and diagnosed with severe autism. In order to help Nelson better progress in his development, mom contacted Sunshine Foundation for assistance towards the purchase of an adaptive computer. This week, Nelson’s dream come true when the Sunshine Foundation provided the funds towards this very special gift! In the 1960’s, Philadelphia police officer Bill Sample was assigned to a local children’s hospital. He encountered critically ill children and saw first hand how these children’s families were burdened not only by mounting medical bills, but also by the frustration of not being able to provide their child’s special dream. In 1976, Bill took out a personal loan and with the help of others, started the Sunshine Foundation and began making dreams come true for seriously ill, physically challenged, abused and truly deserving children nationwide. Today, the Sunshine Foundation utilizes $0.83 of every dollar to help a child’s dream come true.