Adopt a Dream

You can help make a child’s Dream Come True! The most popular dream request is for a trip to the Orlando attractions. Other dream requests include electronics, family trips, outdoor play equipment, sensory rooms, special needs equipment, and more.

Highlighted below are a few of the children on our waitlist. You may support a specific child by donating directly to their page (click on child’s photo) or adding their name to the comment section on our DONATE page.

Benjamin, with spina bifida, dreams of visiting Disney to meet Spider-Man and Goofy and to spend time with his family.

Bennett, who is blind and non-verbal, loves to hear the voice of Mickey Mouse and dreams of visiting him at Disney World.

Bentley, with a traumatic brain injury, loves Dinsey movies and songs and dreams of visiting the Magic Kingdom.

Brian, with low-functioning autism, wants to meet Mickey Mouse and dreams of going to Disney World.

Brooklynn was born with Trisomy 2 is a social butterfly who dreams of visiting the Magic Kingdom to see Anna and Elsa.

Cheyenne has a complex regional pain syndrome and dreams of visiting Universal Studios to have the best family vacation ever!

Colten, with eosinophilic esophagitis, dreams of riding Space Mountain at Disney World.

Colton diagnosed with low-functioning autism, loves shopping and dreams of a Shopping Spree for sensory items and toys.

Deborah, diagnosed with autoimmune encephalopathy, wants a break from hospital visits and dreams of going to Disney World.

Elizabeth, with low-functioning autism, loves to read, paint, and play video games. She dreams of a bedroom makeover to make room for her favorite activities.

Farrenton, with low-functioning autism, loves Disney characters and rides that go up and down. He dreams of going to Disney World to meet the characters.

Gracey, diagnosed with low-functioning autism, dreams of dancing with Mickey Mouse at Disney World.

Gracie loves to play with her brother and sister and doesn’t let cerebral palsy slow her down. Gracie’s dream is to go to Disney with her family.

Ibrahima, with cerebral palsy quadriplegia, loves joking around and laughing. He dreams of visiting Disney World.

Isaiah, who has Type 1 diabetes, dreams of visiting the Magic Kingdom to ride the roller coasters and meet Buzz Lightyear.

James, with low-functioning autism, dreams of meeting his favorite Toy Story characters, Buzz and Woody, at Disney World.

Jaremey, with low-functioning autism, loves theme parks, water parks, and being outside. He dreams of a trip to the Florida Theme Parks.

Justin, with Allan-Herndon-Dudley syndrome, dreams of going to Disney World to meet the characters.

Kendell, who has an immune-deficiency disorder, dreams of going to the Disney Theme Parks to meet all the characters, especially Darth Vader!

Leslie, diagnosed with pulmonary atresia, likes to play with her doctor kit. She is also a huge fan of Minnie Mouse and dreams of meeting her at Disney World.

Mackenzie, with Sturge-Weber syndrome, had the left side of her brain removed. She LOVES Disney and dreams of going to Disney World.

Mateo, with cerebral palsy and hydrocephalus, dreams of visiting Disney World and LEGOLAND Florida. His favorite character is Mickey Mouse.

Natalie, with cerebral palsy and epilepsy, dreams of a family trip to have a break from her medical condition and treatments.

Olivia has a rare eye condition, aniridia, which leaves her legally blind. Olivia dreams of going to Disney World to see Cinderella’s Castle and meet the princesses.

Payton is legally blind in one eye and dreams of meeting the princesses up close at Disney World.

Shawn, with low-functioning autism, is a Harry Potter fan and dreams of visiting Harry Potter World at Universal Studios.

The dreamers listed above are a part of our Adopt a Dream program, which represents only a portion of the children on our waitlist.

For more information about our Adopt a Dream program, please visit our Frequently Asked Questions page.