Adopt a Dream

You can help make a child’s Dream Come True! Sunshine Foundation currently has a waiting list of almost 250 children located throughout the U.S. The most popular dream request is for a trip to the Orlando attractions.

To support a specific child you may donate directly to their page (for children’s name in green) or add their name to the comment section on our DONATE PAGE.

Children by State

To see if there are any children from your state waiting for their dream, click on the state name.

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Any and all funding received through the Adopt a Dream program will be applied towards the child’s dream as designated.  Please note, if your donation is received and full sponsorship has already been attained for a particular child on the regular waiting list, the funds will be applied to another child on our waiting list.


Payton, from Huntsville, diagnosed with Strabismic amblyopia, nystagmus



Anahita, from Mesa, diagnosed with Congenital Glaucoma

Lidia, from Phoenix, diagnosed with severe psychotic disorder, schizophrenia


Bennett, from North Little Rock, diagnosed with Optic Nerve Hypoplasia

Zachary, from Jonesboro, diagnosed with Low-functioning autism, epilepsy


Fernando, from Menlo Park, diagnosed with low-functioning autism

Jei Hoon, from Norwalk, diagnosed with low-functioning autism




Ember, from Newark, diagnosed with Morquio syndrome



Darwin, from Kennesaw, diagnosed with Low-functioning Autism

Logan, from Thomasville, diagnosed with Trisomy 21, heart disease




Connor, from Skokie, diagnosed with low-functioning autism

Jaremey, from St. Charles, diagnosed with low-functioning autism

Marissa, from Beecher, diagnosed with low-functioning autism

Marquise, from Chicago, diagnosed with low-functioning autism

Londyn, from Chicago, diagnosed with Tetraplegic cerebral palsy


Kendell, from Columbus, diagnosed with an Immune-deficiency disorder

Daylon, from Huntingburg, diagnosed with Trauma

Colten, from Terre Haute, diagnosed with Eosinophilic esophagitis


Dominick, from Council Bluffs, diagnosed with Infantile Cerebral Palsy


Ryley, from Ellinwood, diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes

Girl, from Ada, diagnosed with Trisomy 2


Colton, from Banner, diagnosed with low-functioning autism


Farrenton, from Vacherie, diagnosed with low-functioning autism; trauma



Brooklyn, from Bel Air, diagnosed with CVA, stroke


Jazmine, from Peabody, diagnosed with Congenital Brain Malformation


Cameron, from Detroit, diagnosed with Chromosome deletion, seizure disorder

Fayez,  from Dearborn, diagnosed with Myelomeningocele

Karmen, from Wayland, diagnosed with Traumatic head injury

Gracie, from Clio, diagnosed with Cerebral palsy

Brandon, from Detroit, diagnosed with Trauma; Low-functioning autism



Elizabeth, from Columbia, diagnosed with seizures, low-functioning autism


Nathan, from Clinton, diagnosed with Low-functioning Autism


Vincent, from Lincoln, diagnosed with Hypoxic Ischemic Encephalopathy


Cheyenne, from Yerington, diagnosed with Chronic Regional Pain Syndrome

New Hampshire

New Jersey

Joseph, from Colombia, diagnosed with cerebral palsy

New York

Anderson, from Bronx, diagnosed with severe intellectual disability

Moshe, from Brooklyn, diagnosed with SLC1A4 deficiency

Boy, from New York, diagnosed with spastic quadriplegic cerebral palsy

Tianni, from Brooklyn, diagnosed with Prader-Willi syndrome

Amy, from New York, diagnosed with Dandy-Walker Syndrome

Nisayra, from New York, diagnosed with low-functioning autism

Boy, from Brooklyn, diagnosed with severe developmental delays

Brinley, from Owego, diagnosed with Trisomy 21

Brian, from New York, diagnosed with low-functioning autism

Johnathan, from Fulton, diagnosed with low-functioning autism

Boy, from Brooklyn, diagnosed with complex heart disease

Deborah, from Spring Valley, diagnosed with autoimmune encephalopathy

Nia, from Brooklyn, diagnosed with speech delays; blind

North Carolina

Brittney, from Winston-Salem, diagnosed with spina bifida

Damaryius, from Raleigh, diagnosed with VATER Syndrome

Benjamin, from Kernersville, diagnosed with myelodysplasia of spinal cord

North Dakota


Dakoda. from Bryan, diagnosed with Von Willebrand disease III

Christian, from Cincinnati, diagnosed with severe intellectual disability

Mackenzie, from Akron, diagnosed with Sturge-Weber syndrome

Siena, from New Franklin, diagnosed with  low-functioning autism


Adilynn, from Sallisaw, diagnosed with quadriplegia


Gabriel, from Oil City, diagnosed with diabetes mellitus

Raymond, from Leesport, diagnosed with Down syndrome

Milen, from Hatfield, diagnosed with spina bifida

Amaya, from Philadelphia, diagnosed with SeptoOptic dysplasia

Shawn, from Olyphant, diagnosed with low-functioning autism

Wyatt, from Warren, diagnosed with FPIES (food protein-induced enterocolitis) and eosinophilic esophagitis

Madilyn, from Hatboro, diagnosed with cerebral palsy

Virginia, from Philadelphia, diagnosed with low-functioning autism

Nicolo, from Wilkes Barre, diagnosed with Down syndrome; Hirschsprung disease

Girl, from Erie, diagnosed with low-functioning autism

Boy, from Erie, diagnosed with low-functioning autism

Jalissa, from Loganton, diagnosed with Usher Syndrome

Kylie, from Lewistown, diagnosed with Takayasus Arteritis

SkylaRae, from Bensalem, diagnosed with Ebstein Anomoly

Rhode Island

Ibrahima, from North Providence, diagnosed with cerebral palsy, spastic quadriplegia

South Carolina

Liam, from Greer, diagnosed with infantile spasms; hydrocephalus

Caleb, from Summerville, diagnosed with global developmental delays

Justin, from Manning, diagnosed with cerebral palsy

South Dakota

Seth, from Watertown, diagnosed with Parry-Romberg syndrome

Nora, from Sioux Falls, diagnosed with Low-functioning Autism


Haden, from Kingston Springs, diagnosed with Septo-optic dysplasia


Jaicey, from White Oak, diagnosed with Down syndrome

Leslie, from Houston, diagnosed with Down syndrome

Girl, from Richmond, diagnosed with epilepsy; trauma

Victoria, from San Antonio, diagnosed with trauma

Akirij, from Savannah, diagnosed with low-functioning autism

Jonathan, from Frisco, diagnosed with low-functioning autism

Shawn, from Flower Mound, diagnosed with low-functioning autism

James, from Longview, diagnosed with low-functioning autism

Girl, from Houston, diagnosed with Down syndrome


Lincoln, from Spanish Fork, diagnosed with low-functioning autism

Graham, from Centerville, diagnosed with trauma; low-functioning autism

Kinsley, from Layton, diagnosed with quadriplegic cerebral palsy


Perla, from Kent, diagnosed with spastic dystonic cerebral palsy

West Virginia

Abigail, from Clarksburg, diagnosed with retinitis pigmentosa

Olivia, from Union, diagnosed with nystagmus


Adalyn, from Beloit, diagnosed with Pitt-Hopkins syndrome

Gracey, from Milwaukee, diagnosed with low-functioning autism