Abednego Experiences The Magic of Disney, Legoland, and Universal

Abednego, diagnosed with severe epilepsy, joined his loving family through all of the thrills that Disney, Universal, and LEGOLAND could give them in Orlando, Florida. They had a ball, enjoyed the weather, went parasailing, and even had a lightsaber fight.

Thank you from Abednego’s Family

“This trip has been absolutely amazing. My big family enjoyed the Florida weather and was able to experience new things like going to Walt Disney World and Parasailing. Abednego’s favorite part of this trip was meeting Darth Vader and being able to have a lightsaber fight. This trip has been so phenomenal to reconnect as a family and to make beautiful memories as a family. Thank you, sponsors and the Sunshine Foundation, for giving Abednego this dream trip.” – Abednego’s mother, April

Abednego’s Diagnosis

Abednego has a diagnosis of severe epilepsy, which is a chronic brain condition that causes recurring seizures. Groups of nerve cells, or neurons, in the brain sometimes send the wrong signals and cause seizures. There are many types of epilepsy. In some people, the cause can be identified. In others, the cause is not known.


We are very grateful to Warm Blanket Hugs for making Abednego’s dream come true!

Sunshine Foundation answers the dreams of children, ages three through eighteen, who have severe or profound physical/developmental/intellectual challenges or trauma from physical/sexual abuse, and whose families have limited income. Since 1976, Sunshine Foundation has spread Sunshine into the lives of more than 42,500 children.

Teenage boy with epilepsy enjoying Star Wars Galaxy at Disney World
Teenage boy with epilepsy posing with at Disney World
Teenage boy with epilepsy dueling Darth Vader at the Dream Village
Teenage boy with epilepsy enjoying a boat ride in Florida
Teenage boy with epilepsywith his family of nine
Teenage boy with epilepsy enjoying Star Wars Galaxy at Disney World

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