Addison’s Dream Shopping Spree

Addison’s dream came true when she was granted a shopping spree from the Sunshine Foundation.

A word from the family

“Addison very much enjoyed and appreciated the shopping spree she recently received. She absolutely loves shopping and her Baby Alive dolls and My Life Dolls. We have to thank the Sunshine Foundation for this opportunity!” – Rachel, Addison’s Mom

Addison’s Diagnosis

Addison lives with DeGeorge syndrome, a rare disorder caused by a missing piece of chromosome 22. DeGeorge, also known as 22q11.2 deletion syndrome, can vary in type and severity according to The Syndrome causes poor development of several body systems and may appear at birth or later in childhood. Symptoms can vary greatly.


Addison’s Dream was made possible thanks to the Sunshine Foundation and the Helen M. Harrison Foundation out of Chicago, Illinois.

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