Miracle’s Birthday Bash

Happiest of birthdays to Miracle! Miracle, with Down syndrome, lost her father to Covid-19. To bring some joy after so much tragedy, Miracle’s family updated her Dream to a Birthday Bash, and what a celebration it was. The celebration included presents, pottery painting, ear piercing, Build-a-Bear, and of course, a unicorn birthday cake.

Miracle’s mom said, “It was a really fun day. I think the biggest thing for me is because she’s special needs – and because she’s literally our miracle baby – the fact that she is verbal now and she’s in dance, and she’s just doing really well. Even in the midst of all the things that have happened, it made me happy to see her happy and having fun.”

Thank you to The Batchelor Foundation for the grant to make Miracle’s Birthday Bash Dream Come

Girl wearing tiara looking at unicorn cake
Girl wearing tiara looking at unicorn cake

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