Chelsea’s Accessible Walkway

Chelsea, diagnosed with static encephalopathy, is a ray of sunshine! She recently got her dream fulfilled of having an accessible walkway, so she can now enjoy outdoor activities with friends and family. It’s clear she’s been having so much fun, just look at her beautiful smile.

A Word from the Family

“We are so grateful to the Sunshine foundation for gifting us an accessible walkway to our yard. Chelsea is now able to safely access our yard and participate in outdoor activities with her sisters. We recently had several of Chelsea’s sisters’ teenage friends over for a fire pit gathering and making s’mores and Chelsea was able to join because of our new walkway.” – Chelsea’s mom, Shannon

Chelsea’s Diagnosis

Static encephalopathy is described as permanent or irreversible brain damage. Those with static encephalopathy often suffer an array of problems such as seizures, speech delays, and poor motor skills according to the National Institute of Neurological Disorders and Stroke.


Thank you to the Smith Family Tricy Tray for sponsoring Chelsea’s dream!

Female smiling in wheelchair on accessible backyard path
Teens sitting around a campfire and smiling
Teens sitting around a campfire
Female smiling in wheelchair on accessible backyard path

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