Adaptive Bike for Katie!

Katherine, age 16, is diagnosed with low-functioning autism and ADHD. Katherine’s special dream was to own a bike.

“Katie has wanted to ride a bike for as long as I can remember. The problem is she can’t do it. It’s one of those things that is just too hard for her. Katie has autism, ADHD & a seizure disorder. Things as simple as riding a bike are too hard for her. Even trying to tell me she wanted to ride was hard too. When Katie would see someone on a bicycle she’d point and say “bicycle”. I thought she was just naming an object. But then she sat on her sisters’ bike and said “bicycle” again I finally got it. She wanted to ride. We looked around but the cost of an adaptive bike is very high, so we had to just let it go. Until Katie’s aunt told us we could apply for a grant to purchase a bike for her. Thank you, Sunshine Foundation, for making Katie’s dream come true!! She took her first ride and was happy and giggling the whole time. haven’t seen her this happy in a while and I’m sure she will enjoy it for a long time to come.   Sunshine Foundation—truly thank you for the gift and for waiting so long while Worksman cycles worked it out. They were amazing too.” — Katie’s Mom—Kim

Thanks to the Richard M. Schulze Family Foundation for helping make Katie’s dream come true!

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