Trip to Florida for Cora!

“Everything was a marvelous adventure for Cora. She wanted her picture taken with every character she saw!” – Cora’s Mom

Cora, who is a victim of trauma and has microcephaly, recently had her Dream Trip to Florida wish come true thanks to The Batchelor Foundation! Fifteen-year-old Cora loved the boat and train rides, seeing Harry Potter world (she is a self-proclaimed Hufflepuff member), and seeing her favorite animal, the giraffe, up close when one came right up to their safari truck!

 We love the story Cora’s mom told about her love of fairies, “We thought she would love the avatar simulator ride where you kinda fly like a fairy since she always says she wants to be a fairy. No, she no longer wants to be a fairy. She doesn’t want to fly anymore lol. Don’t worry though she has not lost her love for fairies. She still wants to build houses and gardens for them, she just doesn’t want to turn into one. That’s a good thing for Mom too. I would hate to see her fly away.”

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