David’s Magical Dream

David, diagnosed with arthrogryposis, growth hormone deficiency, autism, and pervasive development disorder, loves having his picture taken, going to amusement parks, and watching Disney movies and Mickey Clubhouse on his iPad. Thanks to generous donors, David’s dream of visiting the Florida theme parks to meet the Disney characters in person, was fulfilled.

Thank you from David’s Family

“We would like to thank the wonderful staff at Sunshine Foundation. We had a great time in Florida. The boys had fun playing golf and swimming while at the Dream Village. Disney was a dream come true. David had so much fun meeting the characters and going on the rides. We loved all the Christmas decorations at the Dream Village and on the Disney Properties.” – mom, Angela

David’s Diagnosis

David’s diagnoses of arthrogryposis (a condition of multiple joint contractures), growth hormone deficiency, autism, and pervasive developmental disorder are secondary to a rare genetic syndrome called Schaaf-Yang syndrome, diagnosed when David was five years old. David was the third person identified with this condition and the only person with two disruptions of the Magel 2 gene on chromosome 15. David is patient #3 in the research paper published by Dr. Christian Schaar from Baylor College of Medicine in Houston, TX. Schaaf-Yang syndrome is an autosomal dominant multisystem disorder characterized by delayed psychomotor development, impaired intellectual development, hypotonia, and behavioral abnormalities. Additional features include contractures, feeding difficulties, and variable dysmorphic facial features.


We thank the Glory Days Grill and Adopt a Dream donors for answering David’s dream!

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