Chanecia Smiles All the Way to Disney!

Chanecia, diagnosed with a severe developmental delay due to microdeletion of Chromosome 15, was caught smiling A LOT on the plane ride to Florida and throughout her dream trip to Disney World, made possible by Sunshine Foundation’s generous donors.

Thank you from Chanecia’s Family

“I am so grateful and thankful that I got a chance to experience this with my children. This was our first time in an airplane. It truly impacted me and my children’s lives. Chanecia had a wonderful time and loved everything about this trip.”– Chanecia’s mom, Chakeea

Chromosomal Microdeletion

According to FDNA Health, “Chromosomal microdeletion syndromes are those caused by chromosomal deletions involving several genes. Chromosomal deletion occurs when parts of a chromosome (of which each cell of the body has 46, 23 pairs) are missing or deleted. Even the smallest part of a chromosome can contain many genes, and a deletion of this part of the chromosome can affect several genes.”


Thanks to generous support from Grant Thornton and Adopt a Dream donors, Chanecia’s dream has come true!

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