George Swims with the Dolphins

George, with spina bifida, enjoyed a dream trip that was full of animal adventures including dolphins, manta rays, orcas and even alligators! During his trip to Florida, George visited Discover Cove, SeaWorld Orlando, and Gatorland.

Thank you from George’s Family

“This was absolutely the trip of a lifetime for George. He had the amazing opportunity to swim with a dolphin named Coral at Discovery Cove. We had the most perfect family day floating on the lazy river and swimming with the manta rays. We also went to SeaWorld, where he got a meet and greet with one of the orcas, held hands with a sea lion, and feed the seals. We spent a day at Gatorland, where he hand fed some giant alligators. Thank you so much.” – mom, Michelle

George’s Diagnosis

George is diagnosed with spina bifida. The National Institute of Neurological Disorders and Stroke defines spina bifida as a birth disorder where the neural tube doesn’t close completely and some of the bones of the spine do not close in the back. This may cause an opening anywhere on the back that may cause damage to the spinal cord and nerves. People born with spina bifida may have nerve damage below the affected area. Some children with spina bifida may also have learning or intellectual disabilities.


We thank the All-Volunteer Southern Ocean County Chapter for answering George’s dream!

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