Jayden’s Marvel Adventure

Meet Jayden, a remarkable young soul with an infectious smile and a love for superheroes. Despite facing level 3 severe autism, Jayden’s dreams soared to new heights thanks to the incredible support of the All-Volunteer Ocean City Cape Atlantic Chapter.

Jayden’s world revolves around the magic of superheroes. His dream? To visit Universal Studio’s Marvel Super Hero Island, a place where imagination knows no bounds. Thanks to the unwavering dedication and kindness of our sponsor, Jayden’s dream became a reality.

Thank you from Jayden’s Family

With joyous anticipation and his beloved Spider-Man Crocs in tow, Jayden embarked on an adventure that surpassed all expectations. Universal’s Super Hero Island became his playground, where he met his heroes and embraced the thrill of every moment.

This journey wasn’t just an ordinary trip; it was Jayden’s birthday celebration, an occasion filled with laughter, wonder, and unforgettable memories. His smile radiated pure happiness as he proudly sported his Spider-Man Crocs, a cherished gift that accompanied him on every superhero encounter.

In the words of Jayden’s mother, Shatia, “I truly appreciate the opportunity that was given to my family, and this dream trip was a once-in-a-lifetime experience. I want to thank everyone who made this dream happen for my son Jayden. This was the best birthday ever for Jayden, and he was so happy to be able to have a pair of Spider-Man Crocs. He wore it at Universal’s Super Hero Island. Thank you again for this opportunity.”

Jayden’s Diagnosis

Jayden has level 3 severe autism. Level 3 autism, on the autism spectrum disorder, is a degree of autism marked by difficulties with social communication and interaction, challenging behavior, and differences in social or emotional reciprocity.


None of this would have been possible without the incredible generosity and support of the All-Volunteer Ocean City Cape Atlantic Chapter. Their commitment to making dreams come true for children like Jayden shines as a beacon of hope and compassion.

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