Jazmine Swims with Dolphins

Jazmine, with a congenital malformation of the brain, loves dolphins and has always wanted to meet one up close. Thanks to the support of the RunWalkBark4Dreams participants and sponsor, Jazmine met and swam with dolphins at Discovery Cove! Jazmine and her family stayed at the Sunshine Foundation Dream Village during her dream trip.

Family Thank You

“Thank you so much to the Sunshine Foundation and sponsors for granting Jazmine a dream. She had an amazing time, and it was nice to experience new adventures with my daughter. Swimming with dolphins and sea creatures was so cool, it was Jazzy’s favorite part!” – Jazmine’s father, Peter.

See video highlights of Jazmine’s trip.

Jazmine’s Diagnosis

Jazmine has been diagnosed with a congenital (present at birth) brain malformation. Because of this, she has developmental delays and right hemiparesis, a one-sided muscle weakness.


Jazmine’s wish was answered by the RunWalkBark4Dreams 2-mile walk and 5K run. Thank you to all the volunteers, sponsors, and participants who made Jazmine’s dream come true!

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