Christianna Recording Her Music

Christianna has a unique dream request of recording her music. Her mom describes her passion for music, “Ever since Christianna was a young child, she always loved to sing. As she got older, her musical talents flourished, and she began composing her own songs and music. It has always been a dream of Christianna’s to record her songs professionally in a music recording studio.”

Christianna, who is legally blind, had an exciting 16th birthday. She visited the Real Recording Studio to learn the recording process. After a few sessions, Christianna will have her music professionally recorded! “Thanks so very much again to the Sunshine Foundation and their very generous donors for making this dream of Christianna’s a reality!” — Christianna’s mom, Caterina

Thanks to generous donor support, Christianna’s dream is becoming a reality!


Teen girl learns how to record music at studio
Teen girl at recording studio
Teen girl learns how to record music at studio

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