Olivia’s Dream to Visit Disney World Comes True!

Olivia, with aniridia, a rare eye disorder causing absence of the iris in both of her eyes, has been dreaming of a trip to Sunshine Foundation’s Dream Village and Disney World so she could see all the characters up close, meet, greet, and tell them how much she loves them. She wanted to see Cinderella’s Castle and meet the princesses. Thanks to Sunshine Foundation’s donors, Olivia’s dream to visit the most magical place in the world came true!

Thank you from Olivia’s Family

Thank you so much to the Sunshine Foundation and sponsors for everything you have done for Olivia’s dream come true. We had an amazing time and made great memories!” – Olivia’s mother, Polly


Aniridia is a rare eye disorder where the iris (the colored part of the eye that is shaped like a donut and forms the pupil) does did not develop normally.


We are grateful to Adopt a Dream donors, Harry and Zoe Poole Foundation, and a private donor for making Olivia’s dream come true!

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