Payton Meets Princess Belle

Payton, diagnosed with congenital infantile nystagmus, monocular estropia, and partial blindness, has been dreaming of meeting her favorite princesses, Ariel and Bell, at Walt Disney World. Thanks to Sunshine Foundation’s generous donors, Payton’s dream came true!

Thank you from Payton’s Family

This trip has been everything Payton dreamed of and more. She has spent the week having fun and not worrying about her medical issues. Meeting Belle (her favorite princess) was the highlight of the whole trip for her. Thank you to the generous donors who make trips like this possible! We will never forget the memories made here.” Payton’s Mother Samantha

Payton’s Diagnosis

The NIH describes congenital nystagmus as an involuntary to-and-fro movement of the eyes that persists throughout life. Monocular estropia is a type of eye misalignment where one eye turns inward toward your nose.


We are grateful to a very generous donor and other individual Adopt a Dream donors for answering Payton’s dream!

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