Benelli’s Disney Dream Trip

Benelli, with low-functioning autism, had a wonderful time at the Florida theme parks while staying at the Dream Village.

Thank you from Benelli’s Family

“I just had the best four days of my entire life. Your amazing organization provided airfare, a car rental, a stay at your beautiful village, & passes to Disney World, Universal Studios, & LEGOLAND. I don’t think my kids could possibly have more fun than they had over those days. I am certain if Benelli could live there, she would. The fact that we could get away to a resort that accommodates my kids (you even had door alarms!!!!) and not have to worry was a blessing in and of itself. Not to mention, our family got to have FUN without thinking about the financial load a trip to Disney can cost. Thank you for the experience. Thank you for the fun & most of all, thank you for making Benelli’s dreams come true.” – Benelli’s mom


We are grateful to RunWalkBark4Dreams participants and sponsors who made Benelli’s dream come true! Also, a HUGE shoutout to Orlando Sanford Airport & LV airport’s TSA for being caring & more than accommodating, making travel a breeze!

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