Caleb Meets His “Fav,” Mickey Mouse

Caleb, with Chiari Malformation, tethered cord syndrome, epilepsy, and global development delay, has always loved Mickey Mouse. His dream was to go to Disney so that he could meet Mickey in person. Thanks to Sunshine Foundation’s generous donors, Caleb’s dream of a trip to Disney World came true!

Family Thank You

Caleb and all of us had an amazing time at the Florida theme parks! Thank you all so very much for this opportunity.  Caleb has spent so much time in the hospital and has had 7 surgeries and fixing to have another one on May 3rd. This was perfect timing because he will always have this memory. He loves Mickey Mouse and Donald Duck.  He got to meet so many characters. This brought so much excitement to him. I wish I had a video of when he actually met Mickey. He was in tears because he couldn’t believe it was really Mickey. This trip allowed him to be a kid and have a blast without a care in the world.  Again, thank you all so much.” -Caleb’s mother, Jennifer

Caleb’s Diagnosis

Caleb has been diagnosed with Chiari malformation, tethered cord syndrome, epilepsy, and global development delay. A Chiari malformation is a problem in which a part of the brain (the cerebellum) at the back of the skull bulges through a normal opening in the skull where it joins the spinal canal. This puts pressure on parts of the brain and spinal cord and can cause mild to severe symptoms. Tethered cord syndrome is a disorder of the nervous system caused by tissue that attaches itself to the spinal cord and limits the movement of the spinal cord.


Caleb’s wish was answered by the 2022 RunWalkBark4Dreams. and Adopt A Dream donors. Thank you to all the donors and volunteers, participants, and sponsors of RunWalkBark4Dreams who made Caleb’s dream come true!

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