Ethan’s Local Trips

Dream come true! Fifteen-year-old Ethan, diagnosed with PTSD from trauma, wished to visit local attractions and activities. Ethan was able to experience great family time as well as purchase a gaming system for some socially distanced entertainment.

Ethan’s grandmother and guardian said, “Ethan has had a lot of struggles lately. It was nice to be able to do many road trips (like Fort Knox) which always included a meal out. Since with the COVID there isn’t a lot of social stuff to do, Ethan also purchased a game system too! There were a lot of smiles and happy memories made and quality time spent as a family. Thank you!”

Thank you to the Corvette Club of Delaware Valley‘s charitable arm, Corvette Enthusiasts Community Foundation, for sponsoring Ethan’s dream.

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DeMarcus, age 11, is diagnosed with Trisomy 21 and requires assistance with all activities of daily living. DeMarcus’ special dream…
Girl with intellectual disability holding her new real baby dolls

Alexis’ Real Dolls

Corporate Sponsor, Special Dreams

Alexis, with severe intellectual disability, was thrilled to be able to purchase real baby dolls and accessories with her shopping spree from Sunshine Foundation.

Deziana with laptop

Deziana’s New Laptop

Corporate Sponsor, Special Dreams

Deziana received her dream of a new laptop and accessories!