Jonah’s Trip to Morgan’s Wonderland

Jonah, a teen with cerebral palsy, dreamt about one day visiting Morgan’s Wonderland. His wish was granted when the Sunshine Foundation sent him and his family from North Carolina to the fully accessible Texas theme park.

A word from the family

“Jonah was blessed by the trip. We got to travel with him through many states. He got to see the scenic views at our lodging locations and on the road. With the Sunshine Foundation’s assistance, Jonah was able to take part in most of the rides at Morgan’s Wonderland. It was awesome to see Jonah having fun: fishing, shooting the water canon, going on the jeep ride, and riding the carousel. Our family had a blast and the trip would not be possible without your organization.” – Joseph, Jonah’s dad

Jonah’s Diagnosis

The CDC defines cerebral palsy as “a group of disorders that affect a person’s ability to move and maintain balance and posture.” CP, as it is also known, is caused by brain damage or abnormal brain development and affects a person’s muscle control. The degree of severity can range from person to person and can be accompanied by related conditions.


Jonah was one of the children sponsored last year by the Sunshine Foundation’s annual fundraiser, the RunWalkBark4Dreams.

More About Morgan’s Wonderland

Morgan’s Wonderland, located in San Antonio, Texas, describes itself as “the world’s first theme park designed with individuals with special needs in mind.” First opened in 2010, Morgan’s Wonderland offers everything from a wheelchair-accessible ferris wheel to a pirate Island, a sensory village and much more. Their goal is to provide an inclusive experience where everyone can play.

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