Mateo Enjoys Disney and His Stay in Space Cottage

Mateo, diagnosed with cerebral dysgenesis and hydrocephalus, enjoyed a dream trip to the Florida Theme Parks. He and his family enjoyed their time in Disney, and Mateo enjoyed staying in Sunshine Foundation’s Space Cottage!!

Thank you from Mateo’s Family

“Mateo and my family had an amazing time. It was so amazing to see Mateo enjoy the parks. He enjoyed the Space Cottage at the Sunshine Foundation Dream Village. He enjoyed the lights and colors in the kid’s room. Thank you to everyone who made Mateo’s dream possible.” – Mateo’s father, Peter

Mateo’s Diagnosis

Mateo has been diagnosed with cerebral dysgenesis, which is abnormal brain development that occurs in-utero, and hydrocephalus, which is abnormal fluid build-up in the ventricles of the brain.


We are very grateful to the Lashner Family Fund and Adopt a Dream, who made Mateo’s dream come true!

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