Zachary’s Aquarium Adventure

Zachary, with low-functioning autism, epilepsy, and sensory processing disorder, had a wonderful time on his dream trip to visit the Atlanta Aquarium!

Family Thank You

“Zachary enjoyed his trip to Atlanta. He enjoyed the accommodations at the hotel and that it was walking distance to the aquarium. He was so calm and engaged throughout the aquarium and enjoyed it so much. We saw the sites and had his favorite foods while there too. We are very thankful for this opportunity and will forever cherish the memories of this experience. Thank you.” – Zachary’s mom, Jennifer

Zachary’s Diagnosis

Zachary has been diagnosed with low-functioning autism. Autism Spectrum Disorder is defined by the CDC as “a developmental disability caused by differences in the brain.” Autism affects each person differently, and their ability to function can vary significantly. Low-functioning autism is a term used to define children and adults with the most severe form of Autism Spectrum Disorder.


Zacharys’s wish was answered by the 2022 RunWalkBark4Dreams. Thank you to all the volunteers, participants, and sponsors who made Zachary’s dream come true!

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