All Volunteer Joan (Jake) Miller Memorial Chapter

The Sunshine Foundation would like to thank all our All-Volunteer Chapters for the work they do to support us. Today we would like to highlight the All-Volunteer Joan (Jake) Miller Memorial Chapter and Janet Gabbianelli, the Chapter President. Each year the Joan (Jake) Miller Memorial Chapter puts on a Library IV Annual Bike-A-Thon. Bikers rode approximately 30 or 45 miles to answer the dreams of children on Sunshine Foundation’s waiting list. We are so grateful for all you do for the Sunshine Foundation and the children.

For information about getting involved with the All-Volunteer Joan (Jake) Miller Memorial Chapter, please complete the contact form below.

Recent dreams sponsored by the Joan (Jake) Miller Memorial Chapter

10-year-old boy with low-functioning autism enjoys his new iPad

iPad for Justin

Justin, 10, with level 3 severe autism, is enjoying his new iPad and accessories.

Events hosted by the Joan (Jake) Miller Memorial Chapter

Basket Raffle

May 10, 2024 – Williamstown, NJ – The All-Volunteer Joan “Jake” Miller Memorial is hosting a Basket Raffle fundraiser to answer Zion’s dream.

Basket Raffle

The All-Volunteer Joan “Jake” Miller Memorial hosted a Raffle Basket fundraiser to answer dreams.

Library IV Bike-A-Thon

Bikers rode to make come true! After biking 30.5 miles they enjoyed a delicious lunch at the Library IV restaurant.

17th Annual Bike-A-Thon

The All-Volunteer Joan Jake Miller Memorial Chapter of the Sunshine Foundation held their 17th Annual Library IV Bike-A-Thon on Sunday, September 12.

Bike-A-Thon Spreads Sunshine!

The All-Volunteer Joan Jake Miller Chapter and Library IV held their 13th Annual Bike-A-Thon to help raise funds towards answering 18 year old Michael’s Dream of going to the Central Florida Theme Parks.

Alex’s Dream Presentation

Alex’s Dream Presentation Alex, 8, with Bronchiopulmonary Dysplasia, a serious lung condition that has left him trach and vent dependent,…